Dear Parish Family,

This coming Sunday, we will be broadcasting St. Gabriel’s 8:00 AM Mass for anyone who cannot attend in person this coming weekend.  The live broadcast or streaming will start at 7:55 AM and if you should not be able to watch it at this time, it will become available anytime after 9:00 AM on Sunday 8-9-20 as a pre-recorded Mass.
Attached below, please find a YouTube link to our “Live Stream” broadcast of the 8:00 AM Mass, this coming Sunday 8-9-20 with Fr. Alex Carmel.  To watch the live stream, simply double click on the attached YouTube link below. If you have additional email lists for the CCW, Daughters of Mary or the Knights of Columbus, please kindly forward this email so they can also watch Sunday Mass.  
If you’ve been avoiding our live Mass stream because of the poor audio, the sound has been fixed!  We are now streaming in clear, loud stereo!
Again, if you cannot join us in celebrating the 8:00 AM Mass live with Fr. Alex Carmel, please feel free to use the same link below to watch our Sunday Mass anytime after 9:00 AM on Sunday morning as “pre-recorded”. 
May God bless St. Gabriel’s Parish Family!




Information to the Parishioners



 April 26, 2020 Mass

Dear Faithful of the diocese, we are still getting word that a number of email are being sent to you, attributed to Bishop Hying and/or a priest of the Diocese of Madison, asking that the recipient “email me as soon as you get this message” or to “buy gift cards” for the bishop or a priest. This is not how the bishop or the priests/parishes will ever approach you for assistance.

Sadly, predators are using this current crisis to take advantage of good and generous people. The bishop is sending no such email and neither are our priests. Any official Church email will come from a legitimate (and likely easily validated) email address and only ever link to official websites.

“A Moment with the Bishop”  https://youtu.be/s5gif5HGfLo  


Decree Granting Permission Obtain Indulgences Outside Ordinary

To contact Fr Alex Carmel; E-mail frcarmelgabriels@gmail.com   Phone 920-945-0378


Contributions can be made online at




For current mass schedule, please chose the current bulletin under “Bulletins”


 Bulletin Cover 2020



                               Got Questions about life?
Click “What is Alpha” to learn more!

      Alpha is coming Fall 2020.

Join the Alpha Team! As disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ we have been commissioned to evangelize.  If you have been called to serve our parish in this mission, please consider joining the Alpha team.  Each evening has 3 parts:  meal, video presentation, table discussion.  Alpha is our parish evangelization program—it is for meeting Jesus. Contact the Parish Office at 920-648-2468.

Welcome to St. Gabriel Catholic Parish (formed by the merger of St. Francis Xavier  Church in Lake Mills, and St. Mary Magdalene  Church in Johnson Creek.)   The office for both locations is at 920-648-2468 in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday:  5:00 pm, St.Francis Xavier
Sunday:     8:00 am, St.Francis Xavier
9:30 am, St. Mary Magdalene
11:00 am, St.Francis Xavier

Some events at St. Francis Xavier: Annual festival and turkey dinner in July (Has been cancelled this  year due to Covid 19)

Our festival includes Dinner, Raffle, Silent Auction,  Kids games), Oktoberfest, Cookie Walk  (the  First Saturday of December ), Lent soup suppers, and St. Patrick’s Day corned beef dinner.

Some events at St. Mary Magdalene: Pig Roast for September 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid 19. Halloween Trick or Trunk, Christmas Bazaar December 2020 will be determined at a later date., and springtime rummage-a-rama.

To see what is happening in the next few weeks, click on our bulletin.