Adoration, Rosary, Stations Schedule

Eucharistic Adoration is reverential gazing at the Blessed Sacrament (bread which is consecrated at Mass, thus becoming the Body of Christ, and then reserved in a sacred gold-colored vessel called a tabernacle which can be seen in the back of the sanctuary of the church).  The Blessed Sacrament is displayed in a gold-colored monstrance on the church’s altar.

          +Eucharistic Adoration is held on the first Thursday of every month at St. Francis Xavier, beginning immediately after morning Mass and concluding with Benediction (a blessing with the Eucharistic Body of Christ) at 6:00 pm.  Eucharistic Adoration is held on special occasions (days in Advent, Lent, and others) at St. Mary Magdalene.  It also begins at the end of morning Mass and continues to evening.

          The “Stations of the Cross” is a prayer which developed in the Middle Ages when pilgrims traveled to Jerusalem and stopped to pray at the very locations where Jesus carried the Cross.  When travel to Jerusalem became prohibitive, Christians replicated the 14 stations in their own churches or courtyards with small statues or depictions.  Prayer and reflection on these 14 moments in the Passion of Jesus became a popular Lenten devotion, usually aided by a booklet.  Both St. Francis Xavier and St. Mary Magdalene Churches have stations around the inside perimeter of the church.

          The Rosary is a prayer much loved among many Catholics, Marian in character and Christ-centered at its heart.  Its roots go back to the 11th century, when the monastic custom of praying the 150 psalms was simplified among lay people to praying 150 Our Fathers.  As Marian piety increased in the 12th century, the Hail Mary was incorporated into it.  It attained its present form in the 16th century.  St. John Paul II has stated that his most important reason for encouraging it was that it fostered contemplation of the Christian mystery.  Reflecting on the 20 principal events in the lives of Jesus and Mary including, in groups of 5, the joyful mysteries, the luminous mysteries, the sorrowful mysteries, and the glorious mysteries, the person who prays it is put in communion with Jesus through the heart of his mother.

The rosary is prayed before the 9:30 Mass (Johnson Creek) every Sunday in May and October, and it is prayed before the 5:00 Mass (Lake Mills) on the first Saturday of each month.