Baptism is the doorway to the Christian life.  The baptized person is forgiven of all sins (original sin and personal sin, Acts 2:38), becomes a new creation (John 3:5, II Cor 5:17), and becomes a member of the Church (I Cor 12:13).  A Catholic must receive baptism before receiving any other sacrament.

     Original sin is the deprivation of holiness and justice that is transmitted to all generations of humans since our earliest ancestors’ first sin (Rom 5:12).  The result of original sin is that human nature is weakened:  we are subject to ignorance, suffering, domination of death, and inclination to sin.

      We encourage parents to baptize their children in the first weeks after birth.  We also baptize children.  Parents should select one or two godparents (if two, they must be a man and a woman).  Godparents will offer encouragement and support in the Christian life to both the child and the parents.  They should have received the sacrament of Confirmation in the Catholic Church and be practicing Catholics.

      Before baptizing your first child, you must register for a class (held quarterly in early March, June, Sept, Dec).  After  attending the class you may schedule the baptism by calling the office. Parents, please call the office 4 weeks beforehand to  schedule the baptism for your second (etc) child.

       Adults who would like to be baptized are invited to participate in the RCIA program, which starts in January and concludes at the Easter Vigil.  See the “RCIA” tab.